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Journal Entry: Sun Jul 27, 2014, 5:12 AM

Shady Scribings

Welcome and hello.  These are the results of the questions posed to my characters. 

KrisOmega has aske to answer the questions related to her character, Kris /Tracker.  

So here we go, in no particular order:

Jeannette, would you do a wish for someone you felt was worthy?

Would I grant a wish to someone who was worthy?  Sure, if I didn’t have to grant every wish I heard.  Personally, I believe in people granting their own wishes – but I also understand that in a world like ours where things aren’t always possible, a little genie magic will certainly help.  So yes, I would grant a wish for someone that was truly worthy – but only if there were no consequences.  There needs to be a way to grant it without connecting the dots back to me, plus the agents at Secrelia don’t want to come knocking at my apartment door when ‘miracles’ happen.


To all the changers, both auto and marine, do you have a favorite aspect or trait of your transformation and/or alternate form?   No need to answer if you don’t want to.


For me, the best part has always been the feeling that I am doing something good for someone else, that Turbo Teen has provided.  While I don’t get as many chances to solve crimes like we did in the old days, TT still has the ability to impress someone – I’ve given rides home to people when they’re stranded, for example – and that really makes me feel good.


Speed.  Without a doubt!  The feel of the road, close to my bumper, that makes my motor run.  No question.  Plus, the change itself is a bit of an endorphin rush – especially when I’m about to go on the interstate.


I’ve never really felt many joys of becoming Specter, at least until after I joined up with the CIA.  The thrill of the chase was somewhat enjoyable, but when there’s guns going off, and all the blinking lights are everywhere... the adrenaline and the fear are sometimes a bit too much.  Nowadays, the joy remains the thrill of the chase, and knowing that I’ve done something for my employers feels good.


Something good from changing into a car?  No comment.


The only good part is knowing that I turn a lot of heads – Fox is quite the looker and she knows it.  And the weapons are neat, though I know better than to fire them all the time.  I’m still working on a better way to trigger the change, however.  I miss my warm showers and long distance runs.  As for the change itself?  It’s always been a little scary... I prefer to avoid any witnesses, and luckily have my privacy.


The best part?  I’m my truck!  What else is there? 


I would have to say the free gas and never having to worry about being stuck somewhere, even if I’m with friends or near the bus stops.  At first I hated the whole tire thing, but now, I’m okay with it.  Plus they’re great at the garage – I mean, I work on cars, and become a car not unlike Unicorn from Gone in Sixty.  I’m never far from oil or grease.  What’s not to love?


Oh, where to begin?  There’s always something new to see on shore, and the mall is fun.  But to me, the best part is spending time with the children I nanny to.  Rebecca is a joy to be around, and even if I can’t share all of my secrets with her, she is a peach and really brightens up m day.


I’m a mermaid – what more is there to say?  The color of the coral, the flowers, the seaberries – everything underwater is new to me.  Plus the change itself is exciting – unless it rains unexpectedly.  Otherwise, I love it.


Getting to meet Greg and so many people as a result of Dr. Chase’s ray has been the best part I could ever imagine.  As for the change itself, it’s definately more fun to change back to myself and feel the water rushing past my hips, though the first few steps with feet always feel neat too; mostly because my feet are usually a lot softer and the floor always seems to feel cool.


I would never willingly leave the sea, so being able to show my daughter Kiki the home I love and still live ashore with Tony is the star of that experience.  The change itself is nothing special; and since it rains a lot on our side of the island I have to stay inside sometimes, but overall, I’m glad I made the choice to go ahead with Dr. Chase’s procedure.


Collette, what would you say is one of the best skills you could learn when you are not specter?

Sharpshooting.  I’ve spent many days at the firing range, and have even been fortunate enough to practice on a larger mobile vehicle range with Specter as well.  But sniper shooting and pistol shooting is something I look forward to in training – I’d practice every day if the range didn’t fill up so fast.


Shelly, is there still one human quirk that you see that you may probably never understand?

Greg has a tendancy to downplay the truth in conversation.  Sometimes I know that he’s holding back what he thinks to be polite or even defensive of certain people or situations – like when they ask “how are you” and he says he’s okay, when I know there’s something wrong.  Why not just say what you feel?

Bret, how's life going and do you wish you'd come in more or are content hearing about it later?

I’ve had my share of adventures, and am quite content hearing about others’s.  Though sometimes I wonder why Cauldwell always asks Michelle to do everything – maybe they get a better rate to Minneapolis than to Alaska – I find plenty of stories to write about up here, and I’m planning a wedding with Pattie, which keeps me plenty busy.  So, no, I don’t wish I’d come in more.  I never much liked transforming on ladders or inside of phone booths anyways.


Michelle, what is your favorite sit down activity? (I would assume you'd have a few to avoid surprise parking spaces) ;)

Board games and card games are a blast.  I’ve also done a few jigsaw puzzles, but not in a long time.  I used to play piano, but haven't in awhile... I guess for obvious reasons.

Michelle, throughout your years of transforming into a car, did you ever consider trying to find a way of getting rid of your transformation so that you can live a normal life like a normal human being without the possibility of your transformation affecting your life?

Yes and no.  In high school, I missed playing volleyball and being able to do more of the physical stuff, like keeping up with Ally and the warm days in southern California.  Plus when we seemed to endure recieving CCC signals every day and having the signals trigger my transformation to recieve them, that was a pain!  But when Dr. Chase asked me if I wanted to be the first subject to be decombined with Summer?  I declined, even having witnessed the trials and computer runs.  By then I was too comfortable being Summer, and I decided that I could live with her rather than go back to ‘normal.’  Nowadays, I consider myself normal enough, and I’m happy as is.


Dr Cherise Sorensen, have you ever thought of taking advantage of your invisibility to play a joke on someone?

At first, the concept of invisibility and losing sight of myself was much to scary, not knowing if I’d ever reappear at all, or have to endure life as a ghost of my former self.  But now, I have surprised people – both my assistants and those around the Chase lab complex – both intentionally and accidentially.  I swear that I haven’t stolen from anywhere or anyone, though – that part of my life is behind me and I know the consequences.  At no time should I ever consider being so desperate again.  In fact, I should confess that Dr. Chase and I have been working to come up with techniques for finding people like myself – should any other people ever have my condition – just in case they need to increase security.  Thank you for asking your question!

Greg, if you were able to afford it, what would be an ideal activity to do with Shelly and Michelle that you all three could enjoy?(no genie help)

We’ve all been in the pool together, so swimming is certainly one.  I’ve been trying to get Shelly to learn golf, but Michelle is quite content to drive the golf cart and stay out of the sun rather than drive the ball.  Shelly wants us to play softball sometime, but with Michelle in the mix our choices are often limited.  Still, we can always play cards or on the pool table downstairs too – we have plenty of ways to get mad at each other.

Megan, How do you feel the fact that you are now a mermaid?

I love it!  It’s been my dream forever.  Plus, now that I can swim away and just get away from the world, it’s such a great stress reliever.  I go for a swim every Monday, just to blast away the stress.  Sure beats the heck out of happy hour!

And what do you think about Shelly? Is she a friend for you, or a best friend?

Shelly is my model idea of mermaid – she and I are almost sisters now that we share something very close, her mermaid DNA.  I’ll admit we haven’t had much time to bond with each other, but I feel that having that genetic connection keeps us closer than anything else.  I would say best friends, but we talk on Facebook more than anything.

What is your relationship with Drew now? I mean after what happenned at the beach.

We’re still good friends, Drew and I.  He still has his issues with my tail and the transformation, but I think he’s come to grips with it.  I’m beginning to feel that our relationship will never go beyond friendship any longer – I believe that when I first became a mermaid I might’ve hurt his feelings too much for avoiding telling him right away, and he still resents that.  But, it’s nice having a friend to watch Zeus for me – and he really is easy to talk to.  So as long as we remain friends, I am okay with that.

And, my last question, but the one I really want an answer.  What happened at the beach with Drew?

I figured someone would ask me that.  We arrived just before sunset; I brought a picnic dinner and some brownies, but we didn’t really touch them.  I started out explaining what I had done at the lab, telling him that I might’ve ended up as a janitor or a secretary than a researcher, until I messed up with the lazer.  He came close to getting upset with my story, and that’s when I showed him my tail for the first time.  I had to beg him to return – I felt so horrible.  But Drew surprised me, suddenly becoming defensive and fearful for my safety.  Maybe it was the arrival of a state trooper that brought him to his senses – a cop had overheared complaints of yelling from some locals, even though we hadn’t been all that loud, or so I thought.  Drew covered my tail with his jacket, explained to the cop that we were both good friends and that there was nothing illegal happening, and then when the cop was satisfied, carried me into his jeep and took me out for ice cream.  After that, he was completely back to normal.  He downplays my fishy side most of the time, unless we’re alone in the apartment, in which he teases me with Ariel jokes and the like.  But we’ve been better friends ever since.  Personally, I still think that he doesn’t care for the transformation itself, and I’ve accepted that – but to answer your question, we talked, and he saw my tail, but we didn’t go for a swim once the state trooper arrived.  I ask him to go for a swim with me occasionally, but he’s never been one for that.  Drew plays basketball, and we shoot hoops on occasion, but otherwise he couldn’t have less to do with water, it seems.  Hope that answers your question.


Lastly:  Greg, Michelle, Shelly, and maybe Tiffany and Collette: what is your favorite snack?  Keep in mind it could be anything, even something exotic (if mermaids have exotic food items?)


I snack on just about anything- perhaps too much of everything-  but if I have a favorite it’s cheese and crackers.  If I have a bottle of red wine on hand, all the better – but not all the time.  Can’t afford that habit.


Red candies.  Cherry is a guilty pleasure if there ever was one – but Greg has a habit of keeping around those cinnamon candies.  Every time I seem to fall for their heat.  But your question was about snacks, not necessarily candies, right?  So I’ll say hummus and pita chips – especially fire roasted tomato.


The fruits on land are best.  Pineapple is and always was a favorite of mine growing up – there’s an island near my Nana’s place where we would sneak ashore and grab one late at night.  It was always the juciest thing ever!  Also, watermelon and strawberries are a favorite as well, but I have to say that cheetos and me are dangerous!


Tortilla chips and queso.  I gotta go easy on the spicy nowadays, and it’s a lot tougher to work off the extra calories, but I’ll get the urge to go for it once in awhile.  I might be spending the evening in the garage, but it’s worth it.


There was a place in North Dakota that made chocolate covered potato chips.  The balance of sweet and salty – those are definately my favorites.  Regular Lays are good too, though I might grab a bag of kettle chips given the chance.  Yeah, they’re greasy, but so are my tires, so it’s greasy in a good way.


So there ya go folks.  That was fun - we should do this again sometime.  I'm going fishing today.  Cya.

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The Buccaneer of Nemaris

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Innocent of the ways of the world and the mysteries that lie beyond his sleepy harbor town, young Thomas DeLeuit will follow the path of the father he has never known. As a cabin boy on the Valiant, he searches for his legacy... a legacy filled with magic and myths.

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Other stories follow - you can check them out by searching for TT Timeline in my gallery.  Realistically, TT: The Beginning was all but over by then anyways.
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