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Innocent of the ways of the world and the mysteries that lie beyond his sleepy harbor town, young Thomas DeLeuit will follow the path of the father he has never known. As a cabin boy on the Valiant, he searches for his legacy... a legacy filled with magic and myths.

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Journal Entry: Mon Sep 15, 2014, 7:33 PM

Shady Scribings

Time to comment on a little thing that is bugging me.

I'm sure most of you have heard the news about Adrian Peterson by now.  Fine timing to convict the guy during the football season.  Yes, I do understand what he did and why, and I'm not going to bring that up too much right now.

What bugs me most is how much it is getting contested.  AP has already stated that he is not proud of what he has done, though he stands by it.  He is already trying to find a more constructive form of discipline for his son.  Is he doing this to get back on the field?  Maybe.  But it sounds like he also genuine wants to move on from the incident.

For the record, I had my share of whippings as a kid.  My dad stopped it when I started fighting back.  Sure, I probably earned most of them and certainly I got something out of them.  But I also think it toughened me up - I learned to not take crap from anyone else.  I was bullied A LOT in school and I earned a reputation for beating the blood out of anyone who picked on me.  But that doesn't really pertain to this, I guess.

Anyways, it sounds like in Texas this is such a big issue that they made a law imprisoning fathers who don't know how else to discipline their children.  Seems a little excessive, even for the state who likes to barbecue their most offensive cons.  What better way to punish a father for punishing their kid than by taking them away and letting Junior continue to do what he did?  Does that seem right, too?  Maybe not?  Meanwhile, Daddy is feeling sad for being away from his kid and getting looks from all the inmates who forgot what it was like to be with a woman.

(There I go again fictionalizing the situation.)

Long story short, did we lose the game - badly - on Sunday because the Vikings didn't have AP in the lineup?  No, we lost the game because Cassel threw four interceptions and because the Patriots are the Patriots.  That's not at issue here either.

But should AP not be allowed to play because of this incident that happened in May and has largely been taken care of outside the field?  The Vikings organization has stated that they knew what was going on outside of the public eye for months - they'd have to, coaches and players are usually more talkative to each other than player's and their wives, as every little thing in a player's life can affect them on the field.  Yet, while all this was going on, AP still is 'the man' in the Vikings organization and the face of the franchise.  It'd be no different if Kirby Puckett was arrested for attacking his kid or his wife.  Everyone would freak. 

AP has genuinely apologized for his actions and seems to be doing the right thing.  At the same time, I want to see the Vikings destroy the saints this coming week, and they have to be focused on that. 

I am still upset about that loss four years ago (and will probably never forgive them) for what has to be the worst play calling of all time in any organized sport.  The New Orleans saints stole from us a super bowl appearance - there's no saying that we would've won a super bowl by any measure - but I still believe that 2010 was our year.  Now I'll never know.  Instead, we watched a game where the referees were bribed, where the players were bribed to incapacitate and assult Bret Favre and any other player that got in their way, injure as many Vikings players as possible, and do so in a fashion that should've landed every single one of them in jail for decades.  That was not a game.  That was a damn assault and a travesty.  And the whole time, the crowd roared.  Gladiators in ancient Rome were treated far better.  They ate like kings, even though they all but fought for their freedom daily... the Vikings were getting murdered, and the refs just kept throwing flags for protesting.  Fifteen yard penalties may have been fifteen lashes with a whip.

The saints suck and always will.  They were not punished enough for that.  They owe us ten wins for the next few seasons, and should be forced to forfeit in the event that they ever get to another NFC championship.

That said, I am reminded of the game the Vikings played in the Superdome just after that season, just like the home opener in 2011.  They paraded around with the Lombardi trophy.  They had a whole show about their victory at the NFC Championship the season before.  I was so disgusted, I couldn't watch the game that followed - which I think we lost, for the record.  If there was anytime that I wanted to see a hurricane hit New Orleans, that was it - provided my Vikes had their boat along.  I am getting upset just thinking about it.

Here, this coming Sunday, the Vikings will again be playing in the Superdome.  It will be the saint's home opener.  If I hear anything mentioned about the 2010 games, I swear to God I will punch somebody.  But the long and the short of this is, AP needs to play football.  And we need AP to play football on Sunday if we are to win.  The Vikings have a lot going for them this season - they are using the weapons they have earned in AP, Cordarrell Patterson, Greg Jennings, Kyle Rudolph, Marcus Sherells... they are starting the use the recievers and runningbacks they have. 

Now if Cassel - or better yet, Terry Bridgewater - can just get the ball to OUR PLAYERS instead of the opponents...

I just do not want to see the saints win another game.  They don't deserve to.  It's just that simple.


Hope you aren't getting sick of this yet.  Only 57 views... still waiting for a hundred...

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I do not have a lot of money to devote to this project, but I'd be very grateful to anyone who speaks English and Portugese and can translate these episodes for me. Thank you.

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Three more this week! Time to start wrapping this series up! Only one week to go!

Flynn: You okay?
Rapunzel: Terrified.
Flynn: Why?
Rapunzel: I've been looking out of a window for eighteen years, dreaming about what I might feel like when those lights rise in the sky. What if it's not everything I dreamed it would be?
Flynn: It will be.
Rapunzel: And what if it is? What do I do then?
Flynn: Well,that's the good part I guess. You get to go find a new dream.

- Tangled (2010)

Lizzy: I had no idea fairies were responsible for changing the seasons. I thought it had something to do with the earth's axis as it rotated around the sun.
Tinker Bell: That's what we wanted you to think.

- Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue (2010)

Felix: Do you have any idea what you put me through? I've been pushed around, abused, slapped... I almost drowned in chocolate milk mix! And then I met the most dynamite gal... ah, she gave me the honey glow something awful! But, she rebuffed my affections... and then I got thrown in jail!
Ralph: Felix, get a hold of yourself!
Felix: No, Ralph! You don't know what it's like to be rejected and treated like a criminal.
Ralph: Yes I do... That's every day of my life.
Felix: It is?
Ralph: Which is why I tried to run away, be a good guy, but I'm not! I'm just a bad guy, and I need your help... There's a little girl who's only hope is this cart. Please, Felix, fix it. And I promise, I will never try to be good again.

- Wreck it Ralph (2012)

I'm stuck with prints of characters that I can't seem to sell. If I set up a huge triva game or lottery system, would you want one? 

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(slams door)
(footsteps echo into the darkness)


... on second thought, let's not go there.


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