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The Buccaneer of Nemaris

Buccanneer of Nemaris Cover by Agent505

The Nemaris Islands have been avoided for centuries. Those who have adventured upon their inviting shores have fought to escape... the few fortunate survivors have returned with stories of great treasure, but also frightful demons, terrible wizards and tricky traps.
Innocent of the ways of the world and the mysteries that lie beyond his sleepy harbor town, young Thomas DeLeuit will follow the path of the father he has never known. As a cabin boy on the Valiant, he searches for his legacy... a legacy filled with magic and myths.

Purchase the book here!

And hey, if you've read it, tell others! Reviews wanted! Feel free to do so at!

NOW AVAILBLE ON EBOOK! Go to Smashwords and check it out too!…

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Leading Ladies from the Buccaneer of Nemaris

Acadia by Agent505Acadia by madam-marlaAcadia in the moonlight by madam-marla
Acadia of Nemaris

Janna Bernson of Gryan by Agent505
Janna Bernson of Gryan and Amaryn the Unicorn

Hannah of Qui-Kinneas by Agent505
Hannah, Naga of Qui Kinneas

Chandra Nadinalla of Bi by Agent505Chandra's Arrival by Agent505
Chandra Nadinalla of Bi

Princess Artemis of Symina by Agent505
Artemis Carmichael of Kelcellan

Cynthia of Nemaris by Agent505
Cynthia, the Oracle of the Nemaris Islands

Tarrisa Emphare by Agent505
Tarissa Emphare

Anju Vanderbick of Aldera by Agent505
Anju Vanderbick

Eileen Grendt in the King's Forest by Agent505
Eileen Grendt

Koan by Agent505
Koan the Kitsune

Minda Brembest, Princess of Xavier by Agent505
Minda, Princess of Xavier

Andrea Reinhart and the Mermaid Lana by Agent505
Andrea Reinhart and the mermaid Lana

Chai Ro, Geisha from Sysia by Agent505
Chai Ro

Dalia Opheris of Yagin Cove by Agent505
Dalia Opheris, Master Airship Chief of Gaia

Jalelle Ithdar, Master of the Three by Agent505
Jalelle Ithdar, Master of The Three and the Fourth of Seven

Sula DeGhai, Mistress of the Seas by Agent505
Sula DeGhai, Mistress of the Seas

Marsha of Nemaris by Agent505
Marsha of Nemaris

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Book Art -

An everbloom :bulletblue:

Various landscape sketches:
Iyebrenne Knolls (wolves and badlands style fields)
Plains of Xavier (wild horses)
Ley Quartas (sand and more sand)
Gregarian Forest (an idyllic forest)
King's Forest (at ground level - a darker but serene forest)

Inside Illustrations for Book Two (ten b/w pencil images) :bulletblue:

Leading Ladies:

Andrea Reinhart as a mermaid
Janna, Amaryn and Coebe in the mountains with the northern lights


Wallack as a young man

Other book art:

The Sky Crescent airship :bulletgreen:

OCs -

Greg, Shelly and Michelle posing as if a cover image for the series
Raine in a wheelchair
The moment when Shelly and Greg proposed
Orchid as a Dolphins cheerleader (yes, with the tail)
Allison dressed as a Hooters waitress
Nauridia, Tony and Kiki
A mermaid (Raine) on a tire swing
Shelly stargazing over the open ocean (or watching fireworks at the coast)
Surprise Project :bulletyellow:

Pinups -

Marina posing with Prince Justin, Coral and Chauncy (or Anselm?)
Edea Kramer as Matron from FF8

So Much For Plan A

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 25, 2015, 9:26 PM

Shady Scribings

Today went mostly well.  Why?  Well, let me tell you.

Saturday is normally a work day for me.  Yet, by another chance of either fate, religion, or luck of the draw (or even a combination there of, or maybe I maxed out on hours at work) I didn't get scheduled today and nobody asked me to work for them.  (Weird, I know.)  Plus, the folks went up to the cabin for the day and the brother went with his family to a friend's place, leaving me home alone for nearly 20 hours of mixed productivity slash relaxation.

Right?  Well, mostly. 

Today's plan was to:
:bulletblue:  Clean up the yard.  :thumbsup:
:bulletblue:  Mow the yard.  :thumbsup:
:bulletblue:  Have a quiet lunch.  :thumbsup:
:bulletblue:  Get sweaty (it was humid all day.)  :thumbsup:
:bulletblue:  Paint a clear coat on the toy box.  :thumbsup:
:bulletblue:  Take a nap  :thumbsdown:
:bulletblue:  Listen to a live PHC on the radio at 5 PM.  :thumbsdown:
:bulletblue:  Use up my gift card to Pizza Luce  :thumbsdown:
:bulletblue:  Play Secret of Mana.  :thumbsup:
:bulletblue:  Work on Union Shores story.  :thumbsup:

Notice a few thumb downs?  Once again, my faith in coincidences is conflicted.

Now, a little prestory:  The truck has had a check engine light on it since January.  Dad and I both figured it had to do with an oil change.  Brother took the truck to move a few things, and we both figured we'd look into it later. 

Here's where the story gets interesting.

:bulletred:  At EXACTLY five PM, when PHC comes onto the radio, I get a phone call from my brother.  The truck has a snapped belt and him and the family are stranded in Chanhassen.  Call AAA and come pick him up.

:bulletred:  Call Dad.  He gives me number for AAA and policy number.  Note that I do not have AAA; I couldn't afford the dues a few years ago and have not renewed.  Possible mistake?  Maybe.  (I'll probably look into it again once I get a job or at least get my tax return next spring.  That's what I look forward to every spring - having money.  Pathetic, ain't it?  But I digress.)

:bulletred:  While PHC is playing, I call brother back.  He has my cellphone, which is running out of power.  I get an address and the phone on his end goes dead.  I know where to go at least.

:bulletred:  I call AAA.  They won't even talk to me unless I'm a member, even though it's my father's truck that broke down.  They haven't even left the cabin and are three hours away.  Jerks.

:bulletred:  Call Dad with address.  Says he'll work on it.

:bulletred:  I drive 77 to 494.  Bumper to bumper to bumper right before 35W.  I then take 35W to 62, to 212, to 5, to Chanhassen.  Weird, traffic isn't bad anymore.

:bulletred:  Brother and family are right where they said they would be.  Happy to see me.  I pick up family and head home.

:bulletred:  Call Dad.  Says AAA guy is going to be at the truck in fifteen minutes.  Hurry up.

:bulletred:  Brother and I ride to truck.  Tow guy is already there; I surrender the keys and he takes it to service station.  Key presumably goes into drop box at service station.  Fast forward to Monday, truck gets fixed.  At same time, Agent's car gets new headlights.  (Yeah, my right headlight is dead.  I cannot afford headlight.  Lame.)

:bulletred:  Go home for dinner.  PHC is over and wasn't even a live recording.  Some thing from 2002.  Go downstairs to play Secret of Mana and have a little quiet time.  Kids follow.  So much for quiet time.

:bulletred:  Agent is cold in the basement.  Decides to give up the ghost and go to bed. 

Oh, and one more thing.

:bulletred:  Cat is acting weird.  Hopefully she isn't having kidney problems.  Because if she is, she might be leaving us soon.  Worries.

:bulletblue:  Tries to look on positive side.  Fatigued.  Earned sleep today.


Mr. Keilor is retiring this year.  I may not get to enjoy PHC quite as much anymore, and listening to live broadcasts has became an endangered species (for all intensive purposes.)  At least I'll get to make it to a show, provided my credit card wasn't maxed out.  Which reminds me, hope that card isn't maxed out for headlights on Monday. 




  • Mood: Pirate
  • Listening to: The Computer Fan
  • Reading: Waiting for The Princess Bride
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Secret of Mana
  • Eating: Mostly salads and hot dogs. Yummy.
  • Drinking: Water


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Of Forests and Friends: Book Two

Book Two Cover by Agent505

For generations, the legend of the unicorn has floated around the collective conscience of the people who live on the continent of Crellan. They live out their lives, unaware how true these legends have been. Nor have they known of a great struggle - a struggle between an eternal wizard and those same guardians of the forest. When a young woman becomes entangled in an ancient conflict, she must leave her home and learn to overcome her reservations of the outside realm and what it means to be part of a larger world.

Look for book two in the Buccaneer of Nemaris series this fall!

Which Character Are You?…

Are you like Michelle? Are you more of a Shelly? Are you somewhere in the middle? Follow this link and find out if you're one of six characters from the Turbo Teen fiction series. Maybe you might surprise yourself?

Quote of the Week

(As you might guess, I haven't been updating this as much lately.)

Satoru Iwata recently passed away. The ceo of Nintendo and creator of Kirby, among other greats. His loss comes during a sad time. He will be missed.

Summer 2015.... 

8 deviants said Too dang hot.
5 deviants said Perfectly relaxing.
1 deviant said Too just right.
No deviants said Too dang cold. (After all, you might be from the southern hemisphere, or possibly a polar bear.)
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Stamp Collecting

TLM Title Stamp by Agent505Nintendo -Stamp- by DrXtremeMIFBUSTRS by FastPuckYae Stamp by Teeter-EchidnaLightning Stamp by Gokulover4eversetoStamp by Agent505Saban Stamp by Agent505Nevermermaid Stamp by Agent505TT Stamp by Agent505Vikings Stamp by Jamaal10Super Mario World stamp by 5-3-10-4Super Mario Kart Stamp by Teeter-EchidnaMinnesota Twins stamp by RWingflyrSunset Stamp v2 by pixelworldsStamp: Gadget Forever CLMC1 by demarchandZelda 25th Ann Stamp by Agent505Final Fantasy Stamp by Agent505Black Wiz NES Stamp by Agent505LoZ Marin Stamp by xMarinxSTAMP - Mr. Game and Watch by SpontaniousCombustioTetris Stamp by cirruswolfEarthBound Stamp by Teeter-EchidnaPikmin Stamp by MandiRSecret of Mana by ImFeelingStampityJessica Rabbit Stamp Animated by DJWillTangled Romance by azianwolfdollSecond Star by Agent505Summer Stamp by Agent505Nemaris Stamp by Agent505Hanon Fan Stamp by Agent505Magic Missile by Trivia-MasterPeach Stamp by rockydennis:Samus: Super Metroid -Stamp- by DrXtremedo, or do not... : stamp by ifyoupleaseFire Three Stamp by Agent505Price Stamp by Agent505

Vikings Tracker

:spotlight-left: SEASON OVER :spotlight-right:

WINS: B-):boogie::happybounce::dance::sing::nuu:
LOSSES: :puke::devil::shakefist::stare::fear::X:yawn::|:grump:

Though I would've liked to see the Seahawks go two for two in lieu of a triumphant playoff run by the Vikings, I think we had an overall good season. AP will play for the Vikes again. Teddy Bridgewater has hopefully earned a first string lineup. Coach Zimmer should be able to find the correct group of guys to work with his plays. And maybe, just maybe, there won't be any controversy in the NFL. No more inconsistency in punishments and policies, no more Deflategate, no more conspiracies that the outcome of the Super Bowl is rigged (which I've been starting to wonder since 2009...) and maybe, just maybe, the Vikes will enjoy a winning season if not the dream season we've all been waiting for since 1961 and Super Bowl 4.

Go vikes.


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